Fixed Price Model

The fixed price engagement model is best suited for small or medium scale projects whose scope and specifications are clearly defined. Based on your scope of work and requirements, we provide you with a budget of the project.

A fixed fee is committed towards delivery of the project. The cases, functionalities and features that are changed or missed by you in the scope of work and specifications are taken as part of additional scope which are estimated and billed separately.

Clear, well-defined scope of work

The requirement and output are measured at the beginning of the project

We ensure on-budget and on-time delivery

Changes in the scope of work are estimated separately

The fixed priced engagement model can serve as a trial or litmus test for trying our design services before signing up for other engagement models.

Time and Material Model

Time and Material model is a cost – effective engagement method for complex projects that are prone to specification and design changes. We provide a balanced team that offers great flexibility in designing the products with variations. The cost of project is calculated based on total effort of the team and the hours involved in the execution of the project. The billing happens on a monthly basis.

Gives an opportunity to change requirements, shift directions, replace features, and inculcate design changes

Time flexibility – the deadline of the deliverable can be changed

Full control over time, budget and product design

Transparent and clear process with consistent and timely reporting

T&M Model can also be combined with fixed price engagement model or dedicated team model to calculate the cost of the project based on team effort and hours involved.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team engagement model is the most compatible and popular model for consistent and complex long term projects with evolving requirements. We provide you with a team of highly skilled designers. You get control on selecting the team members and you can assign hierarchy of tasks and responsibilities. The team is all yours and they design products as you ask them to.

The project is bind by a contract and the billing is made on a monthly or a retainer basis. Payment is made 100% upfront at the beginning of the work cycle with 1 months’ notice period to cancel the contract.

Hire our experienced, talented and skilled design team

Day-to-day progress report

Flexible team that can work instantly and can be scaled up and down with a reasonable lead time and notice period, respectively

Cost efficient; the budget remains stable despite changes in scope or work or updates in the product

No wait time; smoother communication

Dedicated phone line; dedicated Slack channel

The team includes a UX lead, UX researcher, UX designer and UI designer for minimum 6 months’ period.

White Label Team

Hiring an in-house team increases the salary, training and employee benefit costs which in turn increases the overhead costs.

Under our white label services, we provide you a team that works under your brand name to design, build products and fulfill other related services. We represent your company and follow your company guidelines, customize communication channels according to your brand guidelines and set a tone similar to that of your company.

We provide an efficient team that handles the finer details of managing and executing the projects while you can focus on the core competencies of business i.e. sales, strategy and business development.

All the expertise, skill, knowledge and work fulfilled by the team will be done under your brand name

Cost efficient; helps increase revenues and profit without the hassle of overbearing costs

We sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to protect everything that belongs to your business

Cost efficient; the budget remains stable despite changes in scope or work or updates in the product

Partnerships are not revealed to third-party without your prior consent and approval

The white label team solution helps to scale your business by minimizing the overheard costs and increasing the revenue and profits.