Minimalism and Why Less is More in UX Design

You’re likely no stranger to the fact that the age-old notion of minimalism is all the rage in the web and app design world today. You’ve probably heard it being casually thrown around in many design discussions. Make no mistake, though — minimalism is not just another internet fad that’ll come and go like the […]

7 Cognitive Biases Affecting UX Designers and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to work-related decision making, being objective and data-driven is imperative. UX designers, in particular, have to make countless decisions during the initial user research and prototyping phases. While you can argue that good design is subjective and sure, UX designers need to rely on their strong right brains to come up with […]

How to Create User Personas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Users Personas are regarded to be the backbone of user research, they form the core for any product’s development. The mainstream use of user persona become prevalent in the ’90s, it was created to gain robust insights about the habits, demographics, and preferences of the target audience of a certain product. It is continuously used […]

UX Checklist: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a SaaS-based Product

SaaS business faces multiple challenges, and some of them are to exist in the competitive market space, retain existing customers & stand out in the crowded industry to convince the new potential customers that their SaaS product is worth investing in. Solutions to such challenges start with addressing the initial interaction that users or customers […]

UX 101: User Onboarding and Why It Is Essential For a Successful Product

Imagine waking up inside a pilot cockpit, and then getting asked to take charge and fly it to the destination. You’d have no idea whatsoever on how to operate and what any of those buttons, plugs or triggers do unless you already are pilot. Imagine waking up inside a pilot cockpit, and then getting asked […]

A UX Designer’s Guide to Content Strategy

A UX designer is not a content strategist. A content strategist is not a UX designer. However, without the context of the content, the designs would be less meaningful and most probably will fail to provide solutions to user concerns associated. Chintan BhattChintan Bhatt is the founder & chief designer at UX Team. Chintan is […]

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