As a design team we have worked with many companies in every shapes and sizes of various industries. This helps us develop a mindset and framework to team up with the companies and deliver the exceptional experiences.

We l️ve working with
Design Agencies
Software Companies
Product Companies
Digital Marketing Agencies
Independent Consultants

Our UX team structure

The purpose of our structured team is to deliver the best output without any communication gap. We integrate as an integral part of your company’s ecosystem.

UX Lead

Closely communicates with the client, understands the business model and product vision to set clear creative outcomes and passes it to the team for execution

Ensures smooth communication between both the teams; quality checks on the deliverables from UX

UX Researcher

Works with UX Lead to identify user expectations, peer group research, and best practices study

Presents the outcomes as practical UX recommendations that works as guiding point for UX

UX Designer

Understands the users, the business goals and problems of the product based on the research gathered

UX designer creates functionalities, usability, navigation, information architecture, interactions and screen structure of the product

UI Designer

Defines what the product looks like while focusing on technological feasibility, functionality and usability

Creates mood board, design system, and design’ interfaces based on the wireframe and workflows created by the UX Designer

Our Design Process

When it comes to user experience design, we believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you are tech savvy or not, we make our processes easy and understandable for you. We speak your language.

The design process involves following four stages…

The primary factor of your success lies in the fact that you keep your user in center of your design process.


Design solves a problem but to provide a solution, one must understand the problem first. We understand and tend to your vision and business goals without losing focus on the end user’s benefit.

Analyze the project requirements to understand and clarify them

Establish foundation to achieve the shared vision of the product

Define the users and their behavior to research further


Research is the key step to design user experience. Since every product is user oriented, we conduct appropriate research to understand user expectations, goals, and objectives.

Study and measure the competitive landscape

Research on similar features and products in the world

Analyze the latest UI/UX trends, design principles and rules


We help you to interact with your vision before we create a visually appealing version of it. Based on the research insights and recommendations, our team works on the ideas via low or high fidelity wireframes and shares them with the stakeholders.

Design Information Architecture and user flows

Draw sketches, wireframes and test them with stakeholders

Brainstorm with stakeholders to get their feedback from a technical perspective


We turn the initial mockups and wireframes to great-looking interfaces within a carefully crafted design system. We create a concrete product design based on prototypes approved by the stakeholders.

Design user interface based on the prototypes

Define the scope of design system distinguishing

  1. Visual design language including color, typography, imagery, patterns and icons
  2. Tech specs and guidelines required for implementation for developers
  3. Interaction patterns and animations

Prepare and share design specifications to development team

Tools We Use

Being a remote design team we are very flexible to use the tools preferred by the client. But we usually use the below mentioned tools.

We maintain transparency

Time zones are never a problem

If you feel that time difference affects communication then fear not. Weekly calls, regular planning sessions, and access to interactive communication channels will do the trick.

How we engage with the clients

We offer various engagement models that best suits your requirements. Your billing is based on predetermined engagement model so you know exactly how and what you’re paying for.

Accurate reporting

You can crosscheck if your billing is accurate or not by checking the project reports and time logs any time you need.

Certified UX designers

We provide you with the best support through our team of certified and skilled designers. You can communicate freely with the team without any managerial overhead.

NDA on request

Don’t worry about your precious idea. We safeguard your intellectual rights. We are open to signing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Direct access to the designers

You can easily collaborate with the designers for the outcomes of the project. The UX manager keeps track of project schedule, ensures discrepancies are resolved and provides timely updates.